Our Story

 The story of the Blue Mule Outfitters is nothing spectacular. Jeff, Philip, Raul, and Wes all came together from various backgrounds, and decided that we want to have relationships that matter, and we want a way to create great experiences to share. We love our families and friends. The times together have created lasting memories that get us through both the good, and not so good times in life all have a common thread; Great food. All four of us have strengths and weaknesses, but together we have synergies that have given life to our project. Great Food, Meaningful Relationship; Anytime, Anywhere you choose. 

Fun, warm, exciting, amazing, empathy, Taste, friendship, support, community are just a few passions we have. We want, not only to build a brand, but a movement.All looking to build lasting beliefs and experiences for themselves, their friends, and families We hope will call on us to provide that great moment that will last forever.

We want to help celebrate successes for you, your family, your work colleagues, your friends. Nothing says "Thank You", "I Am Proud of You", "I Love You", quite like sharing a 3# Tomahawk Ribeye? Please join us on our journey to be the Facebook of the Hospitality industry, one friend at a time.

 Jeff and Wesley's Great Grandfather at home on the range. What we do is in our genetic makeup

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